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Sailor Jerry operates the ferry located west of the old spawn. This transportation method is used to transport players from spawn to the wilderness by interacting with the NPC sailor. Previously the ferry would sail to the resource world that was added in 2021, however that was removed on June 7th 2023 under the reason that "the new wild has all the current biomes!" as quoted by Tracefais in the server announcement posted on June 1st 2023.


(Coming Soon c;)


Trains were a new addition to the server as of February 16th 2024. The innovative transportation was engineered by LTARailways, Cherub54321, Luxaholic, Jeeeeef and DemonWolf_101. Currently there are two active railroad stations, one connecting capital city and Lexford and the other is within Covington only.


Airplanes were a great option for traveling, currently there is one airport located in Lexford, however, is not in operation. The old national airport was located north of the old spawn building in the old map. The flights reach all cities of the nation such as West Ridge City (formerly West Wood City and Fairbanks City), Ocean City, Palm Bay and Covington City. As of the last update, airplane tickets cost 25 Krunas and ETA was ranged between 18-24 seconds). However, with the removal of West Ridge, the flight to there was removed.


Teleportation is used to transport to main locations, such as spawn, the wilderness, donor room and the tutorial.

Cars and bikes

Cars date back to summer of 2017 when Koalition released them during the 'Summer Update' of 2017. There are different models of cars, each with a distinct color and speed, where, the cheapest is black and white starting at 3000 Krunas, the second tier includes yellow, green and purple that cost 5250 Krunas and lastly blue and magenta for 8250. However, engineers can manufacture those 7 vehicles by assembling the vehicle body and installing the upgrade chips that costs almost half the price of the cars, the chips can be purchased from the building behind the main dealership on Chinatown.

Bikes are similar to cars, however, there are 3 tiers and 4 colors, black costs 2250 Krunas, orange and red cost 4500 Krunas and lastly green which costs 7500 krunas. Unlike cars, bikes are not manufacturable by engineers.

Super/race cars and sport bikes

This update saw the introduction of 5 new vehicles, two super cars and three sport bikes, Koalition announced the new addition on April 19th 2020. The two super cars are a Lamborghini (yellow) and a Porsche (red) both with a sticker price of 50000 Krunas brand new from the government dealership. On the other hand there are three sport bikes a Yamaha YZF-R1M that costs 9500 Krunas, a Honda Fireblade Sp that costs 10500 Krunas and lastly a Ducati V4s that costs 11500 Krunas.

Unnamed super/race cars

There are two more colors of the super cars with no brand name. A pink racecar, that is obtained through the voteshop and costs 1000 vote points, this sports car was added on September 5th 2023. And a lime racecar which was added inside of an 'Ultra Crate' on November 10th 2022, an 'Ultra Crate' costs $3.99 USD per one with an option to purchase in bulk for a discounted price at the server's store


Drills are used by miners only to dig a 3x3 tunnel and has its own storage that is accessed by right clicking while inside of the vehicle, the drill can be purchased for 4250 Krunas from the tender shop located on the basement floor of the government mall. Previously the drill costed 8500 Krunas, but was later reduced to 4250 Krunas upon a public survey. The drills were introduced by kailabeann on July 21st 2021 alongside the addition of the miner job.


Tractors are similar to drills, however are used by farmers to harvest and replant crops, and the storage is also accessed through right clicking while inside of the vehicle, the tractors are purchased from the farming district. As of now there are two tiers, a red tractor that costs 5000 Krunas and a green that costs 6000 Krunas, where the green is slightly faster and has a larger gas tank. The tractors were added on November 17th 2021.

Helicopters and planes

The public has access to two helicopters, a gray and a white one The gray was obtainable through an 'Ultra Crate', however, was swapped with a white one on September 5th 2023. As for the planes, there are two, the gray and the brown, the gray has a plain 'Plane' title whereas the voteshop is named the 'Vote Plane' to differentiate it from the gray one. The gray one dates back to October 15th 2021 and was added to the 'Mega Crate' (gray plane) and the 'Vote Shop' (brown plane) as an "end-game item" as quoted by Koalition. The suggestion was created by player danroth27 on July 20th 2021

Justice Department Vehicles

The 'Department of Justice' was access to unique vehicles that are used during events or to perform job duties. Starting off with the police car, which looks similar to a car but with a blue concrete texture. The second car is the 'Beast' which has an obsidian texture and is relatively fast compared to the fastest super car, this vehicle is used to transport important personnel during state emergencies. Another vehicle is the 'Armata Tank' which is as the name implies, a tank used during state emergencies to protect important personnel, due to classified information, the ammunition used by the tank is not publicly available. The last two vehicles are helicopters, the 'Police Helicopter' which is used by sergeants, captain and the minister, this is accessible when necessary to protect the city. As for the other helicopter, it is the 'Apache Helicopter', which also is used during state emergencies.

Health department Vehicle

The 'Department of Health' only has one vehicle, which is the ambulance, it is given to paramedics upon joining the department. The ambulance was added on January 2nd 2023 when the paramedics job was introduced by former health minister Dark_Shadow_Wolf.


Elytras are great for navigating different terrains and getting from one point to another as quickly as possible, with being said, elytras were added in Minecraft Java Edition 1.9 on February 29th 2016. As for obtaining one, players can purchase them from other players, find them in an end city or from a crate, 'Ultra Crate' or 'Vote Crate'. the voteshop used to have an elytra but was discreetly removed. Elytra's were frowned upon by certain players which led to a poll creation on January 24th 2024 to disable them and a test phase was conducted to collect the community's feedback, however, the majority voted in favor of enabling elytras therefore the ban was lifted.